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Saddle Bags

Speedsleev saddle bags are explicitly designed for the minimalist rider. 

Introducing the Speedsleev Ranger - The ultimate bike saddle bag for minimalist riders. This versatile pack can hold all your essentials for shorter rides or long-haul adventures. Made with a waterproof ballistic nylon shell, your tools and emergency gear will stay dry no matter what conditions you ride in. Pack your spare tire tubes, CO2 cartridges, tire levelers, inflators, compact multi-tools and more!

The interior pockets keep everything organized and eliminate the annoying rattle of traditional bike saddle bags. Additionally, the narrow design keeps it out of the way, while the reflective logo imprint adds visibility in low-light conditions. Choose the saddle bag size that best fits your biking needs, or grab one of each and swap them out depending on your adventure for the day. No matter which size Ranger saddle bags you choose, you can depend on the outstanding quality, organization, and security that cyclists have been enjoying for years. 

The Ranger saddle bags come in 2 different models (the Ranger 2.0, and the Ranger OG), each with 3 sizes available. 

The Ranger 2.0 Bike Saddle Bags

Why fix something that isn't broken? Simple - to make it even better. At Speedsleev, we believe in continuous improvement, and are always striving for perfection. That being said, our original Ranger bike saddle bags are still exceptional, but we've made some small tweaks to create a sleeker, lighter version with the Ranger 2.0. The new bike saddle bag design also includes flat-laying tools and elastic side panels for a snug fit. This is the same great product, but with added enhancements. The Ranger 2.0 comes in three convenient sizes; small, medium and large. 

The Ranger OG Bike Saddle Bag

No matter what type of terrain you're getting geared up to ride, the Ranger OG bike saddle bag is a must have for packing adventure essentials and extras. Bring your spare tire tubes, CO2 cartridges, inflaters, compact multi-tool and tire levelers, plus cards, keys and cash. The Ranger OG is one of the most innovative and trusted bicycle saddle bags on the market, boasting years of positive reviews under its belt. Lightweight but with a bit more grit, road ready for riders who like to stay prepared for any emergency or condition. Waterproof, snug and secure, organized and stylish, the OG is your bike’s best friend. 

Which Ranger is the Best Saddle Bag For Me?

If you’re a diehard minimalist, only wanting to carry the bare essentials for an ultra-light road or tubeless setup, check out one of our Ranger Small bicycle saddle bags. Mountain bike and high volume + tire riders, you’ll need one of the Ranger Large saddle bags.  Both the Ranger OG and the Ranger 2.0 offer an extremely light weight design and ride securely beneath the saddle in a way that allows for no sway and no noise.  

Both bike saddle bags have a clean design with no zippers! A saddle bag with zippers or a BOA is just a recipe for disaster!!  So which to choose, the OG or the 2.0? Who was better: the Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Sierra Nevada or Founders? NYC or LA? Petrus 1989 or Rousseau Chambertin 1989? When both choices are exceptional, it often just comes down to personal taste. I happen to like both very much.

No matter which Ranger you choose, we are certain you will agree it is the best saddle bag you’ve ever used! See exactly what you can load in each bag by clicking on each of the products. 

The Speedsleev Seatsleev

The unparalleled Speedsleev Seatsleev, original and unbeatable, survives despite being copied, replicated, emulated, and imitated. Though our Ranger line of compact saddle bags takes the lead now, it wouldn't exist without the groundbreaking evolution of the Seatsleev. Racers and pleasure riders alike vie for this minimalist design's utility and functionality, making it the perfect option for lightweight race-day use or carrying essentials on long hauls. Grab a few for added peace of mind, or send as a gift to your cycling buddies.