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September Bike Bag Photo Contest Blog!

Show Off Your Ride & Bike Bag

There’s nothing better than browsing Instagram for inspiration and checking out new bicycles as well as cool gear like Speedsleev bike bags. Throughout the years, we have had so many riders send us their unique and interesting images taken from roads of tarmac, gravel, dirt, mud, and more! No matter where your cycling adventure takes you, we want to see it. That's why this month Speedsleev is hosting a photo contest where the winner will get their choice of one of Speedsleev’s bike bags for FREE! The winner gets to choose from one of our classic or popular bike bags including our saddle bag, handlebar bag, top tube bag, or stem bag (top tube bags and stem bags coming soon). Entry is easy and fun!

Cycle Insta-Inspiration

Every now and then, we could all use a dose of inspiration, especially in the cycling community. Many of us find it by scrolling through social media and admiring the fantastic photos shared by fellow cycling enthusiasts. Your adventures have the power to ignite that spark in others, motivating them to embark on their own journeys, whether on the road or trail. At Speedsleev, we're eager to discover the hidden gems you stumble upon during your explorations. Need some inspiration for your contest entry? Here are a few ideas to kickstart your creativity, so feel free to use these captions or craft your own!

  • Pedaling my way through life, one adventure at a time. 🚴‍♂️🌄
  • Two wheels, endless possibilities. 🚲💨
  • Riding into the weekend like... 🚴‍♀️✨
  • Life is better on a bike. 🌍🚲 
  • Capturing moments from the saddle. 📷🚴‍♂️
  • Wherever the path leads, I'll follow. 🛤️🚲
  • Pedals, passion, and picturesque views. What more could I ask for? 🌄🚴‍♀️ 
  • Embracing the freedom of the open road. 🛣️🚴‍♀️
  • Taking the scenic route because ordinary roads just won't do. 🗺️🚴‍♀️
  • In the world of bikes, every ride is a story waiting to be told. 📖🚲

Feel free to use these captions to add some inspiration and flair to your bike photos on Instagram!


“Packing up for adventure with my @speedsleev bike bag”

How To Enter the Speedsleev Bike Bag Photo Contest

We like to keep things simple over at Speedsleev whether on a ride or just in life in general. That being said, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to win an awesome prize, a FREE Speedsleev bike bag of your choice! There is no charge for entry to the contest, as long as you already have a Speedsleev bag. Any bag qualifies you to enter. Don’t have a Speedsleev bag? No problem, there is still time to get yours here! 

Once you have your Speedsleev bike bag, strap it onto your bike, and snap a photo showing the bag. Upload it to your own Insta account, and make sure to tag @speedsleev for a chance to win! We’re looking for unique angles, cool backgrounds, and bikes that make riders want to hit the “like” button. We have had people tag us with all sorts of backgrounds including waterfalls, mountains, city blocks, and even graffiti walls. Have fun and be creative!


How Long Does the Photo Contest Run?

The photo contest will run for one month starting 9/14/2023 and ending midnight 10/14/2023. The winner will be announced on our Instagram on 11/11/2023, and the prize will be sent directly to them. If you select one of our top tube bags or stem bags, it will be shipped out as soon as possible once we have them in inventory. 

Can I Submit Multiple Entries?

Absolutely! We not only welcome but also encourage you to submit multiple entries. Sometimes, it's hard to predict which photo will capture the most attention, so don't hold back. Feel free to explore all your creative ideas to maximize your chances of winning. Take a look at our previous posts to get a sense of what resonates with our community. And don't forget to harness the power of hashtags to boost the visibility of your photos if you're looking to attract more views and comments.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter the Contest?

Participating in the contest won't cost you a dime – entry is absolutely free. We've got you covered when it comes to taxes and shipping for the prize as well. Your only investment? Your trusty Speedsleev bag. To qualify for the contest, your photo must prominently feature a visible Speedsleev bag. Feel free to let your creativity flow – you can create a video showcasing the bag, how to pack it, or how to attach and remove it from your bike. Alternatively, snap some eye-catching shots of the bag against a stunning backdrop or in a quirky and attention-grabbing way that will make people pause and take a closer look.

Can I Be In the Photo, or Just My Bike?

Yes! You can submit photo entries with yourself or others in the pictures on the bike, riding alongside the bike, or posing next to the bike with the Speedsleev bag. Just remember to keep it classy! Photos like the one here is a great example of how to submit a photo with a person in it. You get an idea of a lifestyle and culture, but the focus is still on the bike and bag. You can of course include your face, but sometimes that distracts from the main photo subject.


How Do You Choose the Winner & What Factors Do You Consider?

Unlike many online contests, we will not be exclusively judging based on views, likes, comments, or profile followers. We will in the future likely be looking to create a Speedsleev promo team that will factor in these stats, but this contest is purely based on what our team feels is the best photo to showcase our products. We do tend to focus on photos that create a vibe and evoke emotions and excitement to ride. Pictures with people work best only when the focus is still on the bike, bag and environment. This is truly an opportunity for any Speedsleev fans to win no matter how big their Insta following is (or isn’t).

What If I Don’t Win?

If you don’t win the contest, you still may get a chance to have your photo featured on our main page. We are looking to showcase more of our community and to continue to inspire riders to connect with other like-minded enthusiasts. By entering the Speedsleev photo contest you agree to let us repost, and utilize your photos in our promotional materials including the main feed of Instagram, Reels, Stories, Highlights, and others as well as other social media channels and emails or websites. 

Other Important Contest Notes

We are doing this contest to have some fun, and get to know our cycling community better. Please realize this is a laid back contest that is meant to inspire riders, and showcase all that Speedsleev can do. When Speedsleev was created, it was based on a mission to provide a better bike bag that wouldn’t rattle, slip, or open on the ride. We aren’t a huge corporation and don’t want to deal with contracts or logistics. This photo contest is an at will participation that will provide one winner a prize for the photo we want to share the most. We must get at least 50 entries to guarantee a winner. Under 50 entries will still be considered if we feel there is a photo entry that we must share!

GOOD LUCK! Thanks for joining this adventure!